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Taking Part


Program participation in this initiative is voluntary. One, two, three, four or five stars are awarded to programs based on achievement in four quality standards. Participating programs will be rated every two years by a Star Quality Rater.

Why should I take part?

Any program that receives one star or more reflects a program with a commitment to quality. A program with a star rating shows parents and potential parents that they are exceeding standards and are committed to excellence

Show parents that

your program is exceeding standards and committed to excellence!

What is the Virginia Star

Quality Initiative?

The Virginia Star Quality Initiative was created to provide a consistent way to distinguish the level of quality in early care and education programs, allowing parents to make more informed choices when selecting child care. The star rating acts as a consumer education tool to improve information available to families.

This research-based system rates the quality of your program using defined state standards. Your program will be placed on a path for quality improvement. You will reap the benefits from a network of support and outreach from early childhood professionals!

Free VSQI training opportunities will be available to your program.

What does the VSQI process look like?

1. Receive VSQI Orientation

2. Complete Application and Memorandum of Agreement

3. Complete VSQI Documentation

4. Receive VSQI Observation from Star Quality Rater

5. Star Rating is posted to the state Smart Beginnings website

6. Star Quality Mentor will be assigned

7. Renewal of Rating takes place every two years

What are the standards for VSQI?

View the complete State Standards guide.

Overview of State Standards:

Standard 1: Education, Qualifications, and Training of Staff

Assessed by Documentation

Standard 2: Interactions

Assessed by Observation using CLASS Instrument

Standard 3: Structure

Assessed by Documentation

Standard 4: Environment, Instruction, and Transition Practices

Assessed by Observation using Environmental Scales and


What is the Mentor’s role?

  • Assist the director with development and execution of a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) based on the VSQI Summary Report
  • Assist with acquiring training, materials, equipment, curriculum
  • Support programs in obtaining higher quality

How many local programs are in VSQI now?

As of 2014, nearly 50 programs had Star Ratings in Newport News and Hampton, and the number continues to climb.

Who is eligible to participate in VSQI?

All early childhood programs, including Virginia Preschool Initiative classrooms, private and faith-based centers, for-profit centers, nonprofit centers, and Head Start programs, are eligible to apply. Virginia is currently in a VSQI Family Child Care Home Demonstration.

If you would like to participate in the initiative to improve the quality of your early childhood care and education services, or if you are interested in becoming a Star Quality Rater or Star Quality Mentor, email Hilari Devine or call her at (757) 240-2731.