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Become part of our referral database

All family child care homes, child care centers, and preschool programs that are licensed, religiously exempt or voluntarily registered are eligible to have their complete program information entered into the Child Care Resource and Referral Data Bank (supported by Child Care Aware of Virginia and of America).

Does it cost anything?

This is a free service to all regulated providers in Newport News and Hampton.

How does it work?

Once your program is listed in the database, any parent or caretaker who is searching for child care or preschools will have a free, single point of access to obtain information about programs that may meet the needs of their children. Parents will enter search criteria and will be given a list of possible child care or preschool resources.

This service does not recommend any program and does not guarantee quality of care. It is the parents’ responsibility to contact providers, assess the programs, and make an informed choice. This is an opportunity for parents and providers to communicate in order to agree on how to best meet the needs of children.

What do we need to do to get listed?

To become part of the Resource and Referral Data Bank, please contact:
Beverly Becker,
Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula Child Care Specialist

(757) 240-2731

or contact our regional partner:

The Planning Council, at (757) 622-9288 x 3038

Do we qualify for the Resource and Referral Data Bank?