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Prenatal Services & Universal Screen

Do you know all the low-cost and no-cost services available to you as an expectant mom? We do.

Relax! A specialist from Smart Beginnings is waiting to talk with you one-on-one about your needs and concerns, then connect you with related services that are free and/or affordable.

CALL 240-2731
or email us

for a free consultation with one

of our friendly resource specialists.

The specialist can connect you

with services including:

What is the Universal Screen?

The consultation described above is the heart of our "universal screen," a free service to determine the specific needs of expectant parents on the Peninsula, and to find out any services they qualify to receive. It's all part of our effort to make sure babies get the best care possible, starting in the womb. Early health can have a big effect on later development!

• Free Car Seats

• Breastfeeding

• Affordable Child Care

• Home Visitation Programs

• Parent Education Resources

• Food & Other Aid through WIC

• Mental Health/Substance Abuse Help

Choosing Child Care

Child Care Referral ServiceTips on Choosing Child CareState-Licensed Programs

Military Child Care

Starting School

School ReadinessPre-K Registration
   Newport News
   Head Start

Kindergarten Registration     Hampton   Newport News

Your Child's DevelopmentPrenatal Services

Development Stages
Milestones by Age

Parenting Young Children

Parent Resources

Behavior Techniques

"Help Me Grow" guide:
 Local resources to support
 social-emotional needs

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